as2 - papervision - rotation/position problem


i need to use papervision for a simple animation of a page that flips, however i can seem to change the axis of rotation from the center of my img to the top edge of the img.

here is what i aim to do:

  • load 2 separate swf one on top of the other (done)
  • on click of the button, draw 2 bitmaps from each swf (top and bottom half) (done)
  • make a bg img on another mc with the tope of the current img and the bottom of the next img (done)
  • add 2 planes, put the two remaining bitmaps as materials for each make make them rotate on the x axis (done)
  • change the x axis so the plane does not rotate from its center but its ledge (???)

i have found information on as3 that i would simply create a displayObject3D and when i addChild to that object, then i change the position, however i cant seem to reproduce something similar in as2.

can anybody help? thanks