[AS2] Pausing a Flash movie when user tabs away

hi guys and girls

im creating a presentation that has a bunch of links to websites and pdf files. right now the presentation opens fullscreen when first opened but if the user clicks one of the pdf or web links the clip minimizes and if the user tries to maximize the flash window the menu bar at the top is visible and cuts off some of the content.

what im wondering is this; is it possible to detect when the user tabs away from the presentation so the clip will pause automatically and i can tell the user to click to continue? i know this code will work [COLOR=Red]fscommand (“fullscreen”, “true”);[/COLOR] that will make the presentation fullscreen again but i need the movie to pause if the user clicks a link. i have seen this before in games where the game will pause if i tab to another program and i have to click to continue. or is there a better way to do this?

any help would be appreciated