AS2:: Printing Text

I have this one annoying bug: I have a textfield with a scroll bar that contains quite a bit of content. What I need flash to do is print it off onto an A4 page.

I’ve tried this code:

on (release) {
 var summaryPrint:PrintJob = new PrintJob();
 var nOriginalWidth:Number = _root._width;
 var nOriginalHeight:Number = _root._height;
 // Determine the ratios of the page dimensions
 // to the movie clip dimensions.
 var nWidthRatio:Number = summaryPrint.pageWidth/_root._width;
 var nHeightRatio:Number = summaryPrint.pageHeight/_root._height;
 // The scale ratio should be the minimum of the
 // preceding two ratios.
 var nScaleRatio:Number = Math.min(nWidthRatio, nHeightRatio);
 // Scale the movie clip.
 _root._width *= nScaleRatio;
 _root._height *= nScaleRatio;
 _root._width = nOriginalWidth;
 _root._height = nOriginalHeight;

But the text still comes out cut off where the textfield is longer than the a4 and it also cuts the bottom text off that isn’t visiable because of the scroll bar.

Can anyone help?