[AS2] Save information from 1 scene


I may be asking for something that is just too simple with this request, but is it possible to save information from one page without the use of PHP, ASP and other server scripts.

I have tried using Shared Objects but it just doesn’t seem to work for my example as people have already been sorted into time order to create a leaderboard so not all information has to be stored.

I have attached a basic example of what my leaderboard looks like and all I want it to do is remember the leaderboard for the next time somebody logs onto that machine … ? I may still be able to use Shared Object but I am not sure how to in this situation.


Edit: I have just tried this code to try and make the .fla remember the information in each position. Am I on the right line?

user_so = SharedObject.getLocal("user");
user_so.data.time1 = pos1time_txt.text;
user_so.data.time2 = pos2time_txt.text;
user_so.data.time3 = pos3time_txt.text;
user_so.data.player1 = pos1_txt.text;
user_so.data.player2 = pos2_txt.text;
user_so.data.player3 = pos3_txt.text;