[AS2] TweenLight vs Tweener vs Adobe Tween

Ive seen a ton of comparisons between the tween classes but I havnt found what I’m looking for.

I’m not looking for which Tween class performs the fastest, which is what all the information out there is about. No, I’m looking for the Tween class that has the smallest footprint. I need to shave every possible KB off of my final SWF and I want to know which is the best Tween class for that.

I’m assuming that the one that comes with Flash is the smallest, since it is already embedded in the flash player and wont need to be compiled into the SWF. Do I have that correct or am I confused? Also, how MUCH smaller will it be? Currently the project is using TweenLite and I need to know how much, if any, I will shave off by switching to Adobe Tween.


I’m talking about