[AS2 - urgent] loading the flash and the dynamic image at the same time?

Hello everyone! i need some help with my flash project :slight_smile:

i have a flash image viewer about 260kb large, it includes 3 images inside the swf itself which im going to switch dynamically, each images is actually a holed out (masked) png so i can overlay that image with another image which i dynamically loaded using loadClip()

so what i have here is a movieclip in the stage that contain a layer of the internal png with another mc to load an external image sandwiched below the previous

i searched the forum to see if i can find anything about loading the dynamic image together with the actuall flash files but it appears i failed to find one…

can someone help me solve this problem? i would like the dynamic images is loaded together with the flash itself, i need to solve this problem as soon as possible, any help is very greatly appreciated :frowning: