[AS2] Variables and Arrays (cry for Skype help)


As far as I’ve gotten with teaching a lot of this stuff to myself… I can’t seem to get variables and arrays figured out. I think I’ve read a dozen basic AS2 tutorials on variables and yes, I see that it’s a container for data that can be referenced when needed, and arrays hold and organize variables, but holy hell… something’s not clicking. I’m using it in my code, but I just don’t fully understand it enough to decide WHEN I need to use them in a project.

Anyway, I’m asking for someone to help… but, not through the forums… but through Skype. I think I need someone to explain it to me through voice, so I can immediately ask any follow up questions. I need to hear it. (Don’t ask how that’s any different.)

So, if anyone’s willing to help though Skype… private message me so we can exchange Skype names. I’m on Eastern Standard Time, available only in the late evenings. If it’s on a weekend… I can probably stay up later, if you happen to be in Japan or Australia.

Thanks in advance.