As2 XML Menu Container Question


Not sure on how to properly word this. I’m working on an XML AS2 menu which has submenus. The menu itself works great however instead of having the menu branch out (tree menu) I would like the options to take over the existing space of the 1st menu. Basically when you click (not rollover) the menu should go to the submenu below but only show 5 options at a time and the remaining options scrollable with an up/down button, clicking on the option should then go to the submenu below. Not sure if I’m being clear, any help is greatly appreciated.


I’ve attached two screenshots, the first is how the menu currently works and the second is how I would like it to work (only 5 options visible/scrollable if theres more…and for the submenus to load in the same screen as the current menu).

I’m using the XML As2 Menu found here on Kirupa