AS3.0: ArrayCollection.contains (& match)

does anyone know of or has useful suggestion about some sort of ArrayCollection.containsMatch method? Basically I am looking to do the following:[LIST=1]
[]have an existing populated collection (collectionA)
]have a collection with various items to be compared to (collectionB)
[]compare items in collectionB to those in collectionA
]the items to be compared would normally return false using collectionA.contains () since they are more like references rather than copies of the items
[*]if there are matches, then return the matching values from collectionA[/LIST]I know how to do this programmatically however I am wondering if there is some built in class in AS3.0 that contains this functionality. Also I’d be interested in hearing how people would go about this programmatically (so I can see if there is a better way).