As3.0 menu

Hi everyone im working on my first website.
But im having a probleme with the menu.
I cant use a function like normally in a clickevent then i get a error is there anyone how knows how i can fix this.

var menuLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
var menuData:XML = new XML();

menuLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, createmenu);
menuLoader.load(new URLRequest("menu.xml"));

function createmenu(e:Event):void {
    menuData = new XML(;
    var menulijst:XMLList = menuData.children();

    for (var  i:int  = 0; i <  menulijst.length(); i++) {
        var menu:MovieClip = new Menu_mc();
        var pagelink =*.link;
        menu.x = 127*i+20;
        menu.y = 25;
        menu.linkTo =*.link.toString;
        menu.menuText.multiline = true;
        menu.menuText.text =*.title;
        menu.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, function{changePage(1);});

    //--------------------- CHANGE PAGE FUNCTIONS ---------------------\\
    function changePage(pageid:int):void {
        //, 2, {scaleX:0.2, scaleY:0.2, x:stage.stageWidth/2-420, y:stage.stageHeight/2-300, ease:Bounce.easeOut, onComplete:loadText});, 2, {bezierThrough:[{x:stage.stageWidth/2-600, y:stage.stageHeight/3}, {x:stage.stageWidth/2, y:stage.stageHeight/3}], scaleX:0.0, scaleY:0.0, onComplete:changeText, onCompleteParams:[pageid]});, 2, {delay: 2, bezierThrough:[{x:stage.stageWidth/2, y:stage.stageHeight/3}, {x:stage.stageWidth/2-400, y:stage.stageHeight/2-300}], scaleX:1.0, scaleY:1.0});



srry for my english