AS3.0 Project Structure - Placement of Actionscript code


I hope you can help.

How do you access a MovieClip on stage (which has an instance name) from within a .AS class file (where the class file is not the document class)?

I have an instance name on stage called “world”
Within that I have another MC called “hitCountBelt”
Within that I have a textfield called “hitCount”

So in my external class ( I’m trying to populate the text property of hitCount something like this:

world.hitCountBelt.hitCount.text = “999”;
//Where 999 actually gets replaced by a value returned from an .aspx script

The trouble is - I don’t know how to correctly access the MC instances on stage from within this external class file.

Am I approaching this the wrong way in terms of project structure? Should I even be trying to access the instances this way?

Can anyone help?

Thanks a bunch

James :slight_smile: