[AS3][Away3D] Splitting my map off to a seperate .as

Hello I have been trying to split my map off to a seperate .as file. I have several reasons for doing it, but the problem is I can not get the images to load.

this is my Map1.as (after the imports are done)

public class Map1 extends Object3D
        //load skins for planets
        private var sunskin:BitmapFileMaterial;
        private var marsskin:BitmapFileMaterial;
        private var venusskin:BitmapFileMaterial;
        private var earthskin:BitmapFileMaterial;
        private var mercuryskin:BitmapFileMaterial;
        private var jupiterskin:BitmapFileMaterial;
        private var saturnskin:BitmapFileMaterial;
        private var uranusskin:BitmapFileMaterial;
        private var neptuneskin:BitmapFileMaterial;
        private var plutoskin:BitmapFileMaterial;
        //load moon texture
        private var moonskin:BitmapFileMaterial;
        private var sun:Sphere;
        private var mercury:Sphere;
        private var venus:Sphere;
        private var earth:Sphere;
        private var mars:Sphere;
        private var jupiter:Sphere;
        private var saturn:Sphere;
        private var uranus:Sphere;
        private var neptune:Sphere;
        private var mapview:View3D;
        public function Map1()
        mapview = new View3D();
        sunskin = new BitmapFileMaterial("sunmap.jpg");
        sun = new Sphere({material:sunskin, radius:2000, segmentsH:16, segmentsW:16});
        sun.bothsides = true;
        mercuryskin = new BitmapFileMaterial("mercurymap.jpg");
        mercury = new Sphere({material:mercuryskin, radius:240, segmentsH:16, segmentsW:16, z:5800});
        venusskin = new BitmapFileMaterial("venusmap.jpg");
        venus = new    Sphere({material:venusskin, radius:600, segmentsH:16, segmentsW:16,    z:18000});
        //make star skybox
            // create a temporary container-sprite to add stars into
            var mc:Sprite = new Sprite();
            // add 2000 star-sprites to the container
            var s:Sprite, r:Number;
            for( var i:uint=0; i<2000; i++ ) 
            r = Math.random()*Math.random();
            s = new Sprite();
            s.x = r + (mc.width - 2*r)*Math.random();
            s.y = r + (mc.height - 2*r)*Math.random();

            // render the container-sprite to a bitmap
            var bmd:BitmapData = new BitmapData(mc.width, mc.height, false, 0);
            // create a 2x2 tiled material from the bitmap
            var mat:TransformBitmapMaterial = new TransformBitmapMaterial(bmd, {
            smooth: true, precision:0,
            repeat: true, scaleX: 0.5, scaleY: 0.5 });
            // create a skybox using that material on all 6 sides
            var box:Skybox = new Skybox( mat,mat,mat,mat,mat,mat );

and this is the Game.as (the one that runs the game)

public class Game extends Sprite
        private var map:Map1;
        private var view:View3D;
        private var cam:Camera3D;
        public function Game()
            view = new View3D();
            cam = new Camera3D();
            view.camera = cam;
            cam.z = 10000;
            map = new Map1();

what am I missing here?

I need to remove the embed lines, the format I am using now does not require them. I use away3d for my engine and BitmapFileMaterial imports directly from the url and requires no embed. So please do not tell me I am using embed wrong by not having a variable:Class. I know that part of the code is good I have tested it in a single file and it works.