AS3: Centering dynamic text not working

I have an AS3 project I’m working on. All the text is coming in dynamically via XML file. I’m also using an external CSS to control the look of the text. Everything seems to be coming in fine. I can dynamically create a new TextField and put my text into it. The problem is that I want it centered on the stage and I’ve been trying with NO success.

If I set the width of the TextField to be the width of the stage, that works, but I cannot get the text to center in it if multiline is true :huh:

var serverNameTxt:TextField = new TextField();
serverNameTxt.styleSheet = thisCSS;
serverNameTxt.y = 0;
serverNameTxt.x = 0;
serverNameTxt.width = stageWidthNum;
serverNameTxt.multiline = true;
//with the line below commented out, the text will center but won't wrap if it's wider than the set width.
//with the line below active, the text won't center at all but will wrap
//serverNameTxt.wordWrap = true;
serverNameTxt.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.CENTER;
serverNameTxt.htmlText = "<span class='serverName'> " + serverName + "</span>";


I’ve even tried using the text-align: center; in the CSS for that class, but that does nothing.