AS3 Coding and Flash IDE General Query

Hi everbody,
i’ve started to learn AS 3.0 coding using FlashDevelop using a very good book that was recommended by a few people in this forum called, Learning Actionsctip 3.0 A Beginners Guide, and want to become proficient or atleast become the best i can be at is so i can for example create simple(to start of with) games and and websites BUT only use Flash IDE to create my graphics and not really depend on it for things such as tweening. Althouh, if i were to learn tween i don’t think it would be too difficult but would probably be the last thing i would want to learn.

I want to ask you fellow AS 3.0 gurus if you think it would be wise for me to know and learn the Flash IDE program e.g doing tweening and timeline stuff inorder for me to develop applications like games or websites ect?

The reason why i am asking this is because when i think of learning Flash, i don’t really think of learning Flash IDE, but rather the underlying code structure being AS, hopefully that makes sense to somebody.

I would be greatful if somebody who was in my shoes could perhaps share their experience so i could get a good grasp if i am going in the wrong direction.