AS3 - dynamically generated text buttons, have a too big clickable area

Hi everybody.

I’ve been searching for 2 days now, how to solve this. It seems like I’m the only one who thinks that the “clickable” area of a dynamic textField is way too wide - everything I found on google was about “expanding” the clickable area…

Here’s my problem;

I’m creating a simple vertical menu - text only. The buttons are movie clips with a dynamic textfield only.

on rollOver, the buttons expands (double size). Everything works fine…except for one thing.
The “clickable” area of the button exceeds the text, especially on top. So even when the mouse is not over the text anymore(and is actually over another link on top), the rollOut isn’t triggered, which obviously prevent the other link to rollOver…

I don’t understand, cause with static text, it works perfectly. Now why would dynamic text have such bigger boundaries ?

See how it works with static text:

and now, the hit area problem with dynamic text (rollOver “the Offering”, and then try to rollOver “the Agency”, you’ll see what I mean…)

Anyone has a solution ?
Since the “clickable” area problem happens on top of the buttons, I thought maybe it could be an order thing, like z-depth… I finally choose to move from AS2 to AS3, so I’m still having lots of issues…