[AS3] Go Animation Platform (from the maker of Fuse/FuseKit)

I just got an announcement from the Fuse Mailing List, with Moses announcing the Go Animation Platform. So I wanted to post it up for everyone. Its an interesting concept.

I’ve released my latest animation project, the Go ActionScript Animation Platform. Go is not Fuse, it’s a foundational set of base classes for AS3 coders who want to create their own tools like Fuse, with any syntax you like. Enjoy, Moses

The Go ActionScript Animation Platform (“GOASAP”) is a lightweight, portable set of generic base classes for building AS3 animation tools. Go provides structure & core functionality, but leaves the specifics to you.

Home | [URL=“http://www.goasap.org/info.html”]About | [URL=“http://www.goasap.org/docs/index.html”]Docs | [URL=“http://code.google.com/p/goasap/”]Source | [URL=“http://go.mosessupposes.com/”]Go Blog

Worth checking out :thumb: