AS3 goes 3D, what engine do you use

Well, this is slightly off topic, but would like to ask the community what 3d engine
they prefer: Away3D, Sandy3D or Papervision.

I guess, Papervision is the most popular and has the largest core developer team.
The documentation and availability for free Tutorials is comparatively bad. I seems that the developers rather want you to charge for visiting workshop where you could get really usefull informations.

Away3D has a strong similarity with the Papervision also concerning the availability of usefull tutorials and documentations.( i mean, looking at 500 lines of code is not a tutorial for me)

Sandy3D looks very promising, has a good source of tutorials. Sandy3D has the most advanced (say the most developed) shading and lighting, at my opinion.

So what are you guys using (or want to use) ?
I have no doubt that AS3(+ASX) and 3D is THE future of Flash (rather than for Flex).:crazy: