AS3 help: Calling movieclips using variables

Thanks in advance for anyone who can offer some insight into this matter.

I have a series of movieclips stored in the .fla library

Clip1 (class: clip1)
Clip2 (class: clip2)
Clip3 (class: clip3)
Clip4 (class: clip4)
Clip5 (class: clip5)

I want to be able to add each clip to the stage using a function where the number is a variable that can be added to the “Add movieclip” statement.

For example:

var x:Number = 1;

var “Clip” + x:“clip”+x = new “clip” + x();

so that the program inteprets the above as:

var Clip1:clip1 = new clip1();

This was the only way I could think of adding a movieclip to a stage. I am open to any other option. I hope this was clear. I don’t have any code to post because I’m just trying to work through the logic of the program. Adding movieclips to the stage when the name of the movieclip has a variable in it, is the part I am stuck on. :frowning:

I hope this made sense.