AS3 how to access html text field with links inside 2 movieclips

I am a beginner and have been working since few days to get to this point. I would appreciate some help.

I have a properly formated HTML textfield(instance name: myHTML) nested inside 1 movieclip: Symbol1 which is inturn nested in movieclip: white_bg
myHTML hast links in it and needs to be inside these 2 movieclips because of animation.

I have one first empty frame this as3:

var myHTMLText:String = “<h1>new projects:</h1>”+
"<a href=‘http://www.somewebsite1.html’>somewebsite1</a>
"<a href=‘http://www.somewebsite2.html’>somewebsite2</a>
"<a href=‘http://www.somewebsite3.html’>somewebsite3</a>;

//create and initialize css
var myCSS:StyleSheet = new StyleSheet();
myCSS.setStyle(“h1”, {fontSize:‘13’,color:’#666666’});
myCSS.setStyle(“a:link”, {color:’#0099CC’,textDecoration:‘none’});
myCSS.setStyle(“a:hover”, {color:’#003366’,textDecoration:‘none’});
myHTML.styleSheet = myCSS;
myHTML.htmlText = myHTMLText;

I tested the movie but I get an error: “1120: Access of undefined property myHTML.” i searched many Blogs. Too complicated. Is there a simple way to click/access this textfield within these clips?