AS3 + Issue with XML Parsing

I am using a mapeditor to create the maps for my RPG. It stores the map values as XML. For some NPCs I need to further add XML to it, which I have been able to. However, retrieving this embedded XML is posing to be an issue. This is how the additional XML is stored within the map:

 <object name="NPC" type="elf-child" x="704" y="544" width="16" height="16">
    <property name="NPCActions" value="&lt;NPCACTIONS&gt;&lt;text face=&quot;TRUE&quot; ID=&quot;0&quot; loc=&quot;LEFT&quot;&gt;Good day sir. Loving morning out there.&lt;/text&gt;&lt;/NPCACTIONS&gt;"/>

I need the XML from the value portion, and I can import that within AS3, but it doesn’t maintain the node structure that I want. The proper structure would be:

     <text face="TRUE" id="0" loc="LEFT">Good Day Sir. Loving morning out there</text>
     <end />

No matter what I try it doesn’t want to work. Any help would be great.