as3 loading library items

hi all… I got this question about loading some library items , using some XML data…

here goes… I have an xml object that looks like this:

    <item text="Colocar Paredes">
        <submenu tipo="quadrada">Parede Quadrada</submenu>
        <submenu tipo="l">Parede em 'L'</submenu>
        <submenu tipo="u">Parede em 'U' - 3 Paredes</submenu>
        <submenu tipo="paralelas">Paredes paralelas - 2 Paredes</submenu>
        <submenu tipo="unica">Parede única</submenu>

I load it fine and use it fine too…

I got 5 movie clips on my library that I want to load , one for each submenu on the xml object…

thought that

for (var j = 0; j < dadosXML.item[0].submenu.length(); j++) {
                    objecto = DisplayObject(dadosXML.item[0].submenu[j][email protected]);
                    var btn:objecto = new objecto();

would do the trick but it doesn’t… I don’t want to use the library movie clips’ linkage name , rather using the @tipo attribute, wich is the same as the linkage name for each mc…

can anyone help me on this??

thanks in advance…

jose senra