AS3 menu click to load external swf help

Ok so I was getting in to transitioning from AS2 to AS3 a while back and had designed a page that had menu buttons that when clicked, loaded an external swf in to a container. Pretty simple accept for the fact that it was a while ago and my computer crashed so I’m having to redo this and learn it all over again. I have read in to flash help on the subject but I am not to sure on the best way to go about this. I know there are a lot of people on here who make thing a lot more simple and structured than I do. I’m so used to putting the actionscript on the button and I’m a little stuck on the best way to combine the actionscript for the button and loading the swf. Any ideas on the Actionscript I would need to make a button load an external swf in to a container when clicked? I figure I just need one and then I can copy it to all the other menu buttons. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks