[AS3] Mp3 Compression Help

The game I’m working on is nearing completion, but when compressing our embeded assets we’ve run into several issues. Primarily, compressing the mp3s.

The first issue is Flash’s requirements. They don’t seem to be well documented at all. After a lot of digging, I discovered the requirement for an mp3’s frequency to be a multiple of 11.025 khz, which was how we were able to use mp3s at all.

Even taking that into account, however, every sort of optimization I tried either 1) made the mp3 sound incredibly distorted, 2) failed to compile, or 3) made the compiler act like it was compiling forever and never finish.

I’m using FlashDevelop for the game, and for mp3s we’ve used Audacity and MP3 Quality Modifier.

This is our first game, so since this is a pretty critical and common task, I’m hoping someone with more experience can point out where we’re going wrong. Googling for hours has yielded almost nothing helpful.