AS3 - Scrolling Gallery ($100 if you can help)


I need help to get my gallery (a movieClip of thumbnails) to scroll, with AS3.

My mockup here:

The link below is an example of what I want.
(1) notice the EASING.
(2) notice the LEFT ARROW is disabled by default
(3) the thumbnails need to LOOP.
click on WORK:

I DON’T need to make it dynamic or to have it work w/ XML. Just make it work w/ a movieClip, and I’m happy!

$100 is all I can dish out as this is not a paying gig but for my poor ol’ self.

Please contact me or reply to this post.

THANK YOU in advance!!

p.s. I’ll supply you my FLA and I got a few sample scrolling gallery FLAs (both AS2 & AS3) that may be helpful.