AS3/XML problem looping to the next set of nodes

Okay I have 5 mcs each containing 6 dynamic textfields. Each mc is being populated by one xml node. That is all well and good. Now what I need to do is upon a function and or timer I need to load in the next five xml nodes into the same mcs dynamic textfields. So 5 xml nodes loaded into the mcs, then click, now the next 5 xml nodes replace the prev nodes and so on and so on… Can anyone help me with this?

Any help is as always greatly appreciated!

var xmlLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
var xmlData:XML = new XML();
var xmlList:XMLList = new XMLList();

xmlLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, LoadXML);
xmlLoader.load(new URLRequest(""));
function LoadXML(e:Event):void {
    xmlData = new XML(;
    xmlList = xmlData.children();
function ParseContent(contentInput:XML):void {
    namespace someNamespace= ""

    var timeStr:String =*[email protected];
    var dt:String = timeStr.split(" ")[0];
    var hr:String = timeStr.split(" ")[1].split(":")[0];
    var mn:String = timeStr.split(" ")[1].split(":")[1];
    var ampm:String = "A";

    if (parseInt(hr) > 12) {
        ampm = "P";
        hr = (parseInt(hr) - 12).toString();
    var newTimeStr:String = hr + ":" + mn + ampm;
    trace("newTimeStr = " + newTimeStr);// newTimeStr = 2009-06-30 3:00 PM
    var timeStr2:String =*[email protected];

    var dt2:String = timeStr2.split(" ")[0];
    var hr2:String = timeStr2.split(" ")[1].split(":")[0];
    var mn2:String = timeStr2.split(" ")[1].split(":")[1];
    var ampm2:String = "A";

    if (parseInt(hr2) > 12) {
        ampm2 = "P";
        hr2 = (parseInt(hr2) - 12).toString();
    var newTimeStr2:String = hr + ":" + mn + ampm;
    trace("newTimeStr2 = " + newTimeStr2);
    for (var i:int = 0; i < xmlList.length(); i++) {
        Flights.flight_mc.airline_txt.text =*.someNamespace::[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc.location_txt.text =*.someNamespace::[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc.gate_txt.text =*[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc.schedTime_txt.text =*[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc.schedTime_txt.text = newTimeStr;
        Flights.flight_mc.estTime_txt.text =*[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc.estTime_txt.text = newTimeStr2;
        Flights.flight_mc.status_txt.text =*[email protected];
        i ++;
        Flights.flight_mc2.airline_txt.text =*.someNamespace::[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc2.location_txt.text =*.someNamespace::[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc2.gate_txt.text =*[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc2.schedTime_txt.text =*[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc.schedTime_txt.text = newTimeStr;
        Flights.flight_mc2.estTime_txt.text =*[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc.estTime_txt.text = newTimeStr2;
        Flights.flight_mc2.status_txt.text =*[email protected];
        i ++;
        Flights.flight_mc3.airline_txt.text =*.someNamespace::[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc3.location_txt.text =*.someNamespace::[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc3.gate_txt.text =*[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc3.schedTime_txt.text =*[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc.schedTime_txt.text = newTimeStr;
        Flights.flight_mc3.estTime_txt.text =*[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc.schedTime_txt.text = newTimeStr2;
        Flights.flight_mc3.status_txt.text =*[email protected];
        i ++;
        Flights.flight_mc4.airline_txt.text =*.someNamespace::[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc4.location_txt.text =*.someNamespace::[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc4.gate_txt.text =*[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc4.schedTime_txt.text =*[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc.schedTime_txt.text = newTimeStr;
        Flights.flight_mc4.estTime_txt.text =*[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc.schedTime_txt.text = newTimeStr2;
        Flights.flight_mc4.status_txt.text =*[email protected];
        i ++;
        Flights.flight_mc5.airline_txt.text =*.someNamespace::[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc5.location_txt.text =*.someNamespace::[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc5.gate_txt.text =*[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc5.schedTime_txt.text =*[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc.schedTime_txt.text = newTimeStr;
        Flights.flight_mc5.estTime_txt.text =*[email protected];
        Flights.flight_mc.schedTime_txt.text = newTimeStr2;
        Flights.flight_mc5.status_txt.text =*[email protected];

Thanks Again!