Asfunction call inside external .txt

I have an external text file, flashData.txt, that contains data that is loaded into dynamic text fields when main.swf runs. The external .txt contains <a href> calls that work fine if I use them normally (i.e. <a href=“contents/arrays1.htm”>) but I decided that more functionality was available if I turned the <a href> calls into asfunction calls and used a function to declare my getURL’s. That is to say, the code now looks like the following:

Inside flashData.txt:

&entry0=<a href="asfunction:fetchURL, contents/arrays1.htm">This is a link</a>.&

Inside main.swf:

function fetchURL(arg) {
     getURL("javascript:Launch('"+arg+"', 300, 300)");

And the index.htm page containing the main.swf file contains the following script, as presented in Kirupa’s Centered Pop-Up Window tutorial:

<script language="JavaScript"> 
 function Launch(page, width, height) { 
  OpenWin =, "Glider Guides", "toolbar=no, menubar=no ,location=no, scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes, width=" + width + ", height=" + height + ", top=" + (screen.height/2 - height/2) + ", left=" + (screen.width/2 - width/2) + "\""); 

When I run the website using the above code, and click on the link that should, theoretically, call the fetchURL function which will open a new page using javascript, nothing happens. Any suggestions?

If you need to see the current code in action, it can be seen at, under the Flash tab on the left, the entry “Working with Arrays”, and the link is down the entry a little and named “See The Results Of This Example (arrays1.swf)”. Ideally the result of the above code should open a 300x300 bare window containing just the .swf used in the tutorials example.