[ask] how to tell flash "what to load" using URL method (e.g myApp.php?imageID=01)

hi everyone, i just got stuck again with some works that needs me to create a flash player that can display an uploaded images and determine which image is being requested by URL

i was thinking of using PHP since i read from the kirupa’s tutorial that flash can be given a variable from a php but then im stuck about how to open the flash movie and give the instruction on which images to load from the php’s URL

like for example clicking http://localhost/myApp.php?imageID=01 will result in launching the flash movie and sending the instruction that i want the movie to load image number 01

another thing is that i need to sort of create a “save file” containing the location of the image and its display setting on the swf (the rotation and position), now, i know how to load vars externally from text or xml files but i havent ever tried to actually create this kind of thing from flash (usually i manually made the xml on dreamweaver)

Is the flash’s FileReference able to create a txt or an xml and put that in the localhost folder ?