[ASK] Make APK With Adobe Flash CS 3 (AS 3)

Hi, i use Adobe Flash CS 3.
Can i make APK with Adobe Flash CS 3 (AS 3)?
If i can? what i need?
Thanks, before. ^^

I’m pretty sure CS3 is before they put APK export in. But you can use the AIR SDK to do it yourself. Here’s what I found in a quick search, but it might be out of date. Its a good start to help you find some more info, though:

so as senocular pointed to you can package the swf for android or ios with adobes free tools but you still need to make the swf, and without the latest air sdk you are missing out key features.

you can try overlaying the air sdk in cs3, people started doing that in cs5 I think, since then “manage air sdk” as been integrated in the cs6 and cc

or just use flash develop its free and does everything :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your idea. Can someone please explain to me the below post:
I think it is related to this issue.