[ASP] ActiveX, Com ports, Read file

hey guys. i got a couple of questoins referrring the the working script below.
i am very new to asp, and just need to make this one thing in regular asp

   1: how would i get this script to give the output in an array 
   2: i would i transform this script using a ActiveX
   3: how can i read the data from a com port instead from the text file.
   Any help would be great:
     <% @Language = "VBScript" %>
 <% Response.buffer = true %>
 Dim filename, content
 filename = "textfile.txt"
 Set fs = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
 path = Server.MapPath(filename)
 If(fs.FileExists(path)) Then
    Set f=fs.OpenTextFile(path, 1)
    do while f.AtEndOfStream = false
       content = content & f.ReadLine & ""
    'Delete permission fout... 
    Set f=nothing
    Set fs=nothing
    Response.write("File doesn't exist")
 End If