[asp] mailto problem

i’m trying to make a mailto, where the sendet get automaticly een mail back,

but it will not work.

here is the code:

form action=“scandoor.asp?cfg=scandank” method=“post”
input type=“text” name=“mailnaam”

textarea name="mailuitleg" cols="40" rows="10" wrap="virtual" dir="ltr" 

lang=“nl” Vul hier uw tekst in.

input type="text" naam="mailadres"

input type="submit" title="verstuur"
input type="reset"

in the scandank.dat:

[email protected]
subject=Info Aanvraag

but it doesn’t work,
somebody a suggestion?

The ASP code for processing mail is quite different to what you are trying to use…

Try something like this in scandoor.asp (obviously request all of your fields):

strWho = Request ("UserName")
strTo = Request("UserEmail")
If strWho = "" or strTo = "" Then
    Response.Write ("You must complete both the Name and Email fields.")
'Now set the mailer object
    Set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("SMTPsvg.Mailer") 'Use the mailer object installed on your server
    Mailer.FromName   = "Your Web Server" Mailer.FromAddress= "[email protected]" 'You can set this to any name that you choose (I usually use the sender's email address)
    Mailer.RemoteHost = "mail.myserver.net"     Mailer.AddRecipient strWho, strTo 'Place the destination email address here.  This would usually be your email address
    Mailer.Subject    = "ASPMail Test Message" 'Any subject line relevant to the form should be placed here
    Mailer.BodyText   = "Dear " & strWho & ". This e-mail is to let you know that the ASPMail email is working..." 'In the body you can place any other form content
'Now send the email.  You can just use "Mailer.Sendmail" but the following approach chcks to make sure the mail is sent. 
    If Mailer.SendMail Then
        Response.Write (strWho & " - an email was sent to you at " & strTo)
        Response.Write "Mail send failure. Error was " & Mailer.Response
    End If
    Set Mailer = Nothing 'Clean up
End If

Hope this helps!

i heve tried it with cdonts, but i’m working with a nt workstation, but it doesn’t work, he siad always coud find the path.

it’s by send, where the fould is made,

i don’t know what it is