Asp movement



I need to be able to move a movie clip with asp (actionscript)


Declare the vars with asp in host page (or call an asp page as the target of a loadVariablesNum() command), then use enterFrame to manipulate _x and _y.

Wait a sec. Are you talking about Actionscript, Flash script language, or ASP, Microsoft DB communication language. because it’s quite different.

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actionscript 4 flash ok.:rambo:


Well, there are tutes on this site, and Kirupa tries his very best to explain it as simply as he possibly can… But here’s my explanation anyway:

Your scene can be described as a cartesian I-don’t-know-how-it’s-called, with an x and an y axis. The x go right, the y go down. There, an object will have 2 interesting properties: _x and _y, which are its position on each axis.
The interesting thing is that you can modify these properties with actionscript. So writing on that object:


will make that object’s _x position increase by 2 on every new frame. It’s moving. I can’t explain it better!

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can’t you also use:


? That is how I have been doing it, but if it is wrong it is better that I find out early in the game.

that is possible.:slight_smile:

Ok Good, because it works for me, and I just wasn’t sure if this method could cause conflicts with code in the future. It is good to know that it is just another way to write it (and a much more simpler one if you ask me).

I see that you changed your footer :stuck_out_tongue: Looks nice!
And concerning the other syntax, not conflict at all :slight_smile: section increment/decrement

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