Assign a Number value to a movieclip dynamically placed

Hey Guys,

I have a problem that should have a simple solution but I cant seem to figure it out. Basically I need to assign a movieclip a number value to that it will carry with it so I can later compare it to the number value of another movieclip.

Here is the snippet of my class code. I got a loop that creates a new object and adds it to the stage and then positions it. It all works accept for when I try to assign the i value to _dragHead.HIT (HIT is not a movieclip nested within the _dragHead object by the way). I just want each newly added movieclip to carry a unique number value so how would I achieve this?

private function createTerms():void
    for (var i:Number = 0; i < termsArr.length; i++)
     _dragHead = new DragAndDrop(); 
     _dragHead.HIT = i;
     _dragHead.x = termOrgX;
     _dragHead.y = termOrgY;
     termOrgY += _dragHead.height + 15;

Thanks in advance!