Assigning a key stroke to start and stop

I know I am repeating myself but I wanted to rephrase my question.\rSay the Flash was playing it would automatically stop at one point till the person watching it just pressed a key like “enter”\rwithout a button.\r\rplease help\rsara

Sara, \r\rAlright heres what you need to do…\rbasically we need to put some code on a Movie Clip itself to detect an “Enter” key press. \r(im kinda assuming you know a little bit of what Actionscript is, etc… i’ll explain it as well as i can =) )\rIf you have a movie clip that is already on your stage you can use that, if not, just create a Movie clip (click on Insert > New symbol) and you can leave it blank if you want.\r\rOk, Right hand click on the movie clip you just added (or was there) and click on “Actions”. \r(this is for the windows version of flash, not sure how you ‘right click’ on a mac).\r\rin the Action Editor window, Add this code:\r\r-----------------------------------------------------\ronClipEvent(enterFrame){\r\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp if (Key.isDown(13)){\r\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp /* whatever code you need, if you want to just play you can use play(); */\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp play();\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp }\r\r}\r------------------------------------------------------\r\rWhat the “enterFrame” event handler does is execute code everytime it enters a frame (even when nothing is in the movie clip), so it acts as a timer (it keeps asking, “is the key down? how about now? how about now?”).\r\rThe Key.isDown(); detects if a key is down. The key code for Enter is 13 (its in the flash help appendix B i think). \r\rAnyway, i hope i explained it as well as you need. But if you add that code on the Movie Clip, it should do what you want it do. =))\r\r~D

Oops forgot to mention,\rput this movie clip on a new layer and let it go all the way to the end of the movie (if you have the information on the stage or someting). \r\rthen just put stops where ever you need them and the code should play when needed. =)\r\rHope i helped =) \r\r~D