Assigning Custom Property to Movie Clip

Well hello there all you wonderful, bouncy, happy peeps in Kirupa Land!

This may sound like a rather retarded question, but I’m trying to assign a custom value (or “property”) to MovieClips as I create them, rather than embedding the values in text-fields within the target MovieClips.

eg, something like (or so I should imagine):

[COLOR=Blue] exampleMC.exampleProperty = “1234”;[/COLOR]

rather than:

[COLOR=Blue] exampleMC.examplePropertyText.text = “1234”;[/COLOR]

So that I can then retrieve those values onClick / rollover whatever without having to read the values from the text-fields within…

Now I’m guessing this must be a really, really simple procedure but I simply can’t figure out how to do it…

Peace, love and fluffy, fluffy flowers:rabbit: