Assigning data to movie instance

First, New to flash. Second have a template (ver 8 AS2) I am modifying.

Scene1 has a library object (type:movie name:content) that I accomplished loading it’s text from an xml file by having the xml file load on frame1 and assigning the data as _root.strTitle,etc. Each of the four frame squence is changed when a button is clicked.

Scene1 has another library object (type:movie name:gall2) that displays images. The images are loaded in the movie as Instance of: Bitmap. There is one for each frame of a four frame sequence.

How do I assign/display the image information from the xml file as the Instance of Bitmap.
Do I need to reload the xml data on a layer of the gall2 movie?

I am not opposed to changing the way it is currently done to get it to work. I would really like to be able to add to the xml file without having to modify the .fla file.

All assistance is appreciated.