Assistance with game flow

Hi guys,

I’m creating a game using AS3 (specifically using FDT). I’ve spent the past week learning all of the available OO-design patterns, and I’m trying to put them to good use, where appropriate.

I’m having trouble thinking of a solution to a particular element of my game. Over a period of 3 or 5 minutes, I want to draw a series of targets on screen.

For example, at 20-seconds, I want to draw a circle at x/y, and at 25 seconds, I want to check if the user has clicked the target. The user will gain more points the closer they click the object to the ‘target’ time. So, I would like to create a ‘target’ object with (for example) the properties ‘hitTime’, ‘xPos’, ‘yPos’.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to the best way to approach this? I am trying to figure out the best way to check every 0.5-ish seconds to see if any targets are due within the next (for example) 5 seconds, and draw them on the screen.

This may have a simple solution, but hopefully somebody’s input will point me in the right direction.

Many thanks :slight_smile: