Assistance with IE 5.5 & 6 floats

Hello everyone,

I have a website that is rendering well in all browsers except the dreaded Internet Explorer 6 (and prior versions). It’s driving me nuts. Here is the link: and the CSS is at The problem is that the right float is not floating at the top of the page as it is in every other browser. I’ve toyed with margins and did the * {margin: 0; } which helped in other aspects, but did not fix my float issue. I still think it’s margin related, but I could be wrong. Any assistance is much appreciated, please let me know if I’ve left anything out (I read the stickies but you never know :angel:).

Ps: I apologize for the sloppiness of my code, I’m a bit removed from my development days, but my business needed a website, so I’m giving it a shot.

Many thanks,