ATI Radeon X300 Error?

ok… so, i buy new parts to get my system up and running… here are the specs…

1x 160GB WD sATA HD
1x DVD-R/RW  DVD+R/RW 16x
2x 512mb Corsair PC2700 DDR Ram
1x ATI Radeon X300SE (128MB) <-- i know its not the best. but it was the cheapest PCI-E i could get
1x MSI ATX K8N Neo4 Mobo (socket 939)
1x AMD Athlon 64 (1.8GhZ) Processor (socket 939)
1x 400W Power Supply

ok, so my problem, i finally got it all setup and it was running GREAT. installed XP and everything on it, and then when xp was done updating, i had to reboot.

well, when i rebooted. where it’s supposed to show the bios boot before i gets to the OS boot, its not giving me any video output, but i know its going through the bios check normally because its doing all the normal sounds, (cd startup, floppy check, etc.).

what i need to know, is why am i not getting any video output anymore? any suggestions??

bad video card? bad mobo?

any help would be great…


Brian Glennon