Attach jpeg from library?

I am trying to use the attach movie command on a jpeg from my library using this string

editorial.onRelease = function() {
attachMovie(“01”, “01”, 2, {_x:418, _y:230, onPress:stopDrag, onRelease:stopDrag});

but I can’t make it work because i cannot “export for actionscript” in the linkage of a jpeg.

what can I do?

drag your .jpg onto the stage, convert it to a movieclip symbol.

Now you can link the movie clip symbol and delete it off the stage :wink:

does this increase the size of the movie overall?

actually lost your the man I’m looking for… do you have a moment to talk about modifying that script you taught me a few weeks back into a new purpose?

No, not really. But even if it did you wouldn’t have an option being that you can’t attach graphics from the library, only movie clip symbols, fonts, and sounds (via sound object).

*Originally posted by zephn *
**actually lost your the man I’m looking for… do you have a moment to talk about modifying that script you taught me a few weeks back into a new purpose? **

Uhhh… depends. Which script, how much of a moment, and how much modifying?

the menu attached is the past script you helped me with.

I want to create a vertically scrolling- infinate- list of images in the style of an infinate menu. an example of what I am trying to emulate can be found at
this site seems to be running very slow tonight

using the array concept I want to create this list of images and make them load the larger version of these images into an empty movieclip.

I will give it a go on my pown as it sounds like a alot to tackle. Give me an idea how deep this is on a scale of 1 to 10

Isn’t that what it already does?

not quite… this duplicates a single images multiple times while putting text on top… I want to take different jpegs and line them up.
ie: the top picture is a picture of a bottle, the second is a picture of a girl and so on

I am working on it as we speak and I’ll see if I don’t screw it up

OHHHH!!!, ok I see what you mean.

You can use loadMovie() to dynamically load in non-progressive .jpg images. I believe they will be low/medium quality though, not sure (flash compression… heh)

you mean from an external source?

If you want to do it that way (instead of loading all the images into the library). They will have to be saved as non-progressive.jpg images and well… preloading that many images at once could be a problem. Just leaving the option open if you choose to tackle it.

no no I already got them in my library… here is how i am tearing the code apart so far

//these are the jpegs in movieclip form
var movieList = [“01m”, “02m”, “03m”,“04m”,“05m”,“06m”,“07m”,“08m”,“09m”,“10m”];

// Copy and past one of these links to the top and change the folder name to the new date
var movieList = [“pictures/products/01.jpeg”, “pictures/products/02.jpeg”, “pictures/products/03.jpeg”, “pictures/products/04.jpeg”, “pictures/products/05.jpeg”, “pictures/products/06.jpeg”, “pictures/products/07.jpeg”, “pictures/products/08.jpeg”, “pictures/products/09.jpeg”, “pictures/products/10.jpeg”];

for (i=0; i<menuItems.length; i++) {

//I have to change this duplicate movie to attach movie function
mc = container.dynamicButton.duplicateMovieClip

(“button”+i, i);
mc.menuLabel.text = menuItems*;
mc._y = i*(mc._height-1);
mc.movieToLoad = movieList*;
mc.actualButton.onPress = function() {;

how do you guys isolate your script with colors and lines around them?

vbCode, when you press “Post Reply” there will be a bunch of grey buttons that let you choose which type of code you want to show. In this case the AS tags will do.


in the previous menu i had 2 arrays… on for making text to place over a button… and one for linking the button…
I am trying to change the text array to represent an array for loading images. then I have to take the
mc = container.dynamicButton.duplicateMovieClip
string and somhow convert it into attaching the jpegs in a line instead of multiplying the button.

change the text labels in the array to your image names then use attachMovie() instead of duplicateMovieClip().

BTW: With all those images set to export to first frame you are going to have a huge delay before your movie begins. I recommend making a “junk” frame in the frame right after your preloader and starting your actual movie on the frame after that “junk” frame. Then drag all your images into the “junk” frame. This enables your preloader to preload your images BEFORE they actually have to be used, thus allowing you to uncheck the “export to first frame” option in the linkage settings of your movie clips.

if I change the duplicate to attachmovie it will be

mc = container.dynamicButton.attchMovie(“button”+i, i);

which will not attach all the images… I need that button to be a array suceptable variable… if thats how one could phrase it

I didn’t test, but try something like this…

[AS]mc = container.createEmptyMovieClip(“clip”+i, i).attachMovie(imgArray*, imgArray*, i);[/AS]

It should dynamically create an empty movie clip that you can load to, then attach the approprate item from the array.

just so you know i’m working on it this is what I ahd come up wit when you posted that last string…
mc = container.attachMovie(imagearray*+i, i);

I was puzzeling out why it looked wrong but i see why in your post… my experience with arrays is limited to my discussions with you… but I’m coming along with it