Attached mc doesn't execute internal mc functions?

Hi, Im only posting under flash 8 topics because this is where i experienced this issue.
It`s a simple problem:

  1. i have the mc a exported for actionscript unde the name “a”
  2. the mc a has a function “gofigure” witch looks like this:
    gofigure = function(){
    } the _root i do the following :
    K = attachMovie(“a”,“a”,0);
    trace(“it does trace”);
    a.gofigure();//method 2

AND GUESS WHAT… NOTHING … why is that?
Note that the mc did apear on the screen

then i tryed with the mc on the scene(draged from the library)
and well, it’s sad to say it did not work… now this got me stummped.
Please put me out of my misery, tell me what i did wrong