Attaching movied clips from loaded movies libraries

Does anyone know of a way to use the attachMovie() function to attach movie clips into the root timeline from the library of a movie that has been loaded into the root movie?

I want to place a series of movie clips into a smaller movie that is loaded into the root timeline when needed and be able to script the linked movie clips in the library for use in my root timeline. Is this possible any way?


Well… there is something called a “shared library”. You set up the library with the symbols in a new FLA file. You don’t need them on the stage, just in the library. Only place the items that you ACTUALLY want to be downloaded to the viewer though, as a shared library will load everything in itself… a big library could take a long time. The library FLA is then published as an swf and placed in the same folder with the other files. The problem is, off the top of my head I don’t know the exact way of doing this. I would suggest checking out your favorite tutorial sites, and seeing if anyone has posted on the subject of “shared libraries”. Eventually I’ll get around to actually doing this myself and then I might have a better idea of how, but I haven’t yet needed such a thing and therefor have not looked into the details behind it.