attachMovie - Buttons

Hey guys I have another question as I’m completely redoing the backend stuff for my site to make it more efficient. I am using attachMovie to attach a button. However, how do I attach actionscript to the button to make it go places because it is coming onto the movie directly from the library. Also, it isn’t possible to add actionscript in the screen where you have the four states of a button. So how can actionscript be added?


make your button go places? add actionscript to the screen?

what are you talking about?

OK sorry, let me explain myself better. The only way I know how to attach actionscript to a button is to place it in the stage and right click and select actions. However, whatever actionscript you add only affects that instance and not the symbol. I am using attachMovie to make a button apear at different times in my site. How do I add actionscript to the button because I can’t add it to the 4 states in the edit symbol mode, and I can’t add actionscript to it on the stage because attachMovie calls the symbol directly from the library?


Place the button (with actions) in a MC and call the MC (rather than the button) from the library. Then each time you create an instance of the MC you will have the button complete with actions.

Doh! :evil:

/me slaps myself in the face…

I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! It’s so simple!