attachMovie doesn't work 100% attaching multiple clips

Hi there,

I hope I can explain this correctly! I am using CS3 and AS2 to make my presentation. Here is my issue:

I have two buttons in the first frame that opens the main navigation (either in English or French) using:

    _root.attachMovie("english_nav", "english_nav", 8);

This works fine. When I select a link within the navigation, it also works, using this:

    _root.attachMovie("assistedTransfer_mc", "assistedTransfer_mc", 5);

However, when I attempt to change the menu using this code, it will change the PAGE to french, but changing the navigation doesn’t work (and trace doesn’t pass me a message):

    _root.attachMovie("assistedTransfer_mc-F", "assistedTransfer_mc-F", 5);
    _root.attachMovie("french_nav", "french_nav", 8);
    trace("THIS WORKS");

Also, when I select french from the first screen, the same thing happens, in a reverse order (the english navigation won’t change). It appears that once you hit a certain level of links in, multiple attachments aren’t working.

Any idea why?

Thanks for any help