attachMovie(): how the hell do i use the fourth parameter

hi, everybody
i’m brand new at this forum, but i saw the quality of the threads and… i’m here.
well the quiz is this: how do i use the fourth parameter of the attachMovie method (or function or whatever it’s name is)?
coz i need to attach a movie into the stage, but it has parameters (it’s a component); so the deal is i attach the movie and set parameters to this new instance. How do i do that?

thanks, and i hope somebody has the answer.

If you’re talking about the initObject, there’s an explanation in the AS tricks.

pom :slight_smile:

I’ve looked there and couldn’t find how tu use the initObject
all i need is an example, for sintaxis purposes…


Hmm… you’re right. But I’m sure I have written something about that… I must have forgotten to send it :-\

Anyway, that’s how you are supposed to use it:


I WILL put something about that in the AS tricks soon :slight_smile:

pom :cowboy:

OK, I’ve checked: I have written it, but never sent… :elderly:

thanks, it works perfectly