attachMovie Problem

I am trying to write a function that will place a button on the screen for each object created froman array of XML nodes here is th code:

function buildContainerArray() {
			ContainerArray = new Array
			for (i=0; i<TitleNode.childNodes.length; i++){
				ContainerArray* = new Container (curContainer.attributes.number,, curContainer.attributes.type);

	function makeContainer(){
		for  (b=0; b<ContainerArray.length; b++){
			attachMovie("con_button", "selection"+b, b);
			_root["selection" + b]._x = 15;
			_root["selection" + b]._y = 90 + (i*30);
			trace ("worked");
		eval ("selection" + b).onPress = function() {
			if (eval ("selection" + b).type_box.text="container") {
				trace ("this is a container");
			}else if (eval ("selection" + b).type_box.text="test") {
				trace ("this is a test");

	function Container (numbers, names, types) {
		_root["selection" + b].number_box.text=numbers
		_root["selection" + b].names_box.text=names
		_root["selection" + b].type_box.text=types
		trace (numbers)
		trace (names)
		trace (types)

Everything seems to work fine except the attach movie part. If anybody can see the problem I would really appreciate the help.