AttachMovie question... sort of

Hi all, this forum has been an invaluable help so far, but I have a question I dont even know how to search for. Here is the AS in question:

Main timeline:
links = [“About Us|about.html”, “Locations|locations.html”, “Doctors|doctors.html”, “Hospitals|hospitals.html”, “Research|research.html”, “Optical Shops|optical.html”, “International|international.html”];
function buildList() {
var i = -1;
while (++i<links.length) {
name = “Button”+i;
_root.linksHolder.attachMovie(“links”, name, i, {_x:800, number:i, high:links.length});
_root.linksHolder[name].linkName = links*.split(’|’)[0];
_root.linksHolder[name].link = links*.split(’|’)[1];

first frame of the clip to be attached:

this.onEnterFrame = function() {
half = (high+1)/2;
difference = Math.abs((number+1)-half);
this._yscale = 25;
this._xscale = 25;
this._y = 120+(number)(this._height1.5);
finalx = 320-Math.pow(difference+3, 3);
if (this._x>=finalx) {
this._x = this._x/1.035;

(this is my first site, sorry if my AS is fugly)

Well, this all works peachy so far, with the clips arranged in a semicircle whose centerpoint and size is determined by the number of clips created. The problem comes in when I try to have “difference” effect one of the clips properties, for example: “this._yscale = 25 - difference” now, this ought to make the top and bottom clips the smallest, but it only works on the clips in the lower half, even though the debugger window shows the properties of the upper clips have been changed. And if i try “25 / (difference + 1)” everything goes straight to hell. Sorry if this is hard to understand, but it’s hard to explain, and I can’t seem to attach either my .fla or .swf. Any help would be appreciated, as well as any suggestions for making my AS better :slight_smile:
thanks for any help!

Here is an example of what I am working on: