Attention: shooting?

hey guys, i was wondering if anyone give a me a little help. i have started making an intro into a site and i have a crosshair that replaces the standard cursor and a gun follows the cursor but wat i need to know is how do i make it so i can make bullet holes on the screen? (anywhere on the screen)\rcheers guys…\r[url=“”]\r\rthe sound is from counter-strike and all copyrights belong to those counter-strike guys.\r:) \rjeremy

Hey that’s seriously cool!!! I like it :slight_smile:

thanks lobstar!\rbut did that answer the question itchy?\r:) \rjeremy

sifiniti ur a f-ing legend…cheers dude…that was sooo helpful…\rhey can i have ur email cos wen i finish with my site i’ll giv u the address (in progress now)…