Attn: Flex

Eh, I was just lucky enough to be familiar with OOP. I still want to learn C++. I help my fried out with C++ every now and then, but I am not that much help since I don’t know too much of it.

Stimmen Sie ich gehe zu…

Deutscher kann Schmerz im Esel manchmal sein, zum zu erlernen

Meine Familie ist ursprünglich von Frankfurt, Deutschland, aber ich war in Philadelphia, PA geboren und angehoben.

We have some family friends in Munchengladbach. Nice people. I was going to go there once, about 7 years ago.

I have never been to Germany, but I want to go.

I still find it incredibly funny how there is a Hamburg Germany and a Frankfurt Germany. Because their are Frankfurters (Hot Dogs) and Hamburgers. So yeah, theres a little something to snicker at. (hehe, snicker…as in snickers candy bar)

Hehe - I remember when they were called Marathon here in the UK then the big name change adverts were played with European people saying “Do you have Snickers?”