Attn: Flex

Hey Flex, I am making a shooting game and have built the way the gun moves and the crosshair and such. However, I am having a problem with the crosshair reacting with the targets. The crosshair is a button that follows the mouse around. When clicked, there is a sound and there is a muzzle blast. However, I made the targets as buttons also. So when you shoot the target, it only registers one of the buttons. IE: The muzzle blast and sound won’t work but the target will act as if it had been shot. I had talked to LostinBeta and he said you had some good games you had made, and he pointed me to your website. When I saw your website with the game, I thought maybe you would be able to know how to do what I am trying to accomplish. I am also willing to give you the .fla if you are confused about anything.


Sure no probs. Have you downloaded the fla’s from my site? There’s a shooting “engine” already there including one where you can change weapons and an ammo system. You don’t need to use buttons.

Use the fla’s on my site, and send me an email with your fla. telling me what you want done to it.

My email address is olives at Of course, replace the at with @ (spam reasons!).

Weird… I’m also working on a shooter.

This is just a clip I uploaded to show someone how bullet-holes are interacted into the game.

I’m having trouble with Flex’s version though, for some reason my red cursor dissapears after maybe 10-12 shots.


My version of what?

I also have a bullet hole fla on my site. The code is easy - just need to differentiate whether the target is a target or a building etc - easy to adapt.

Sorry to bog people down on you flex, but from what I have seen of your posts you are one of the best (if not the best) game coders on this forum=)

That’s very nice of you lost. Thank you very much. “This is not a pat each other on the back” one - but I do refer people to you when it comes to html, javascript, web design etc.

And I’m going to be modest and say I’m still learning alot =)

EDIT: I sounded like that olive twist dude. Said lost, twice.

lol, thanks flex:)

I am still learning a lot too. I have only been flashing for 3 months and I must admit, I have been using your files and reading your posts to help me learn more. I have a lot left to learn most definitely, but I am a bit ahead of the game considering how long I have been flashing.

- When you say “flashing” for 3 months, and, considering how l have been “flashing” - I think it would put a different kind of picture in peoples minds here in the UK!

If you are referring to “flashing” as in flashing my nude body to people, well I can tell you I definitely do not do that:)

And I didn’t know you were 18. I was surprised when I read it. You “sound” older.

And I’m glad that my posts or flas helped. Also you’re honesty and humbleness should be rewarded, because ALOT of flash guys are just too arrogant to admit they learned anything from anyone - it’s like, “Oh yeah, I knew that”.

This guy will present the award:

Still want it!?

Hey, thanks for thinkin I “sound” older. I am a lot more mature and serious that most 18 year olds I know. But I do know how to be immature when I am just having fun. I basically know when to be mature and when not to be.

Everyone learns something from somewhere. I can’t say I learned everything by myself. I learned from this forum, tutorials, the Macromedia AS Reference, other peoples files. Now javascript I learned a lot on my own, but I still read tutorials and such to get down how to use it and what to do with it, then I went off to experimenting on my own and whatnot.

Ehhh, the award isn’t that important. My reward is that I get to help others understand the wonders of AS and other various web languages.

Hey Lost… you were quite good with java before you started flashing right?

Yes I was (am). I am still learning Javascript, but I am getting there:) It is DHTML that sometimes gets me baffled.

I suppose knowing JS helped me understand AS a bit better.

Do you speak German lost?


That picture of the bald dude reminds me of my old boss (except he had less hair).

I speak a little german. Not too much, but enough to understand some things:)

Ich heisse Flex.

Ich wohne in London.

Ich… something something

Lost: I’m sure it would esp as with MX, AS is much like any OOP, java, c+, etc… nice to have a head start (not to take away from your talent!).:stuck_out_tongue:


Sie rufen mich lostinbeta an

Ich wohne in Philadelphia, PA

Ich bin 18 Jahre alt