Attn Geniuses: DataSubmission from invisible mc's. Advanced

I’m building a flash site that accesses a DB and returns a fair bit of info. This must be made user-editable and distributed across several movie clips, because of the volume on data.

On submitting this info, only info from visible mc’s get submitted.

Worse, for some reason:
_root.thispage.textarea.onChange does not seem to work.

Does anyone have experience with / solutions for a problem like this. If needed, I will create a test account (currently restricted)

Thank you!!!

As far as i know, settin _visible to false kinda disables the mc, try 0 _alpha, or moving it off-stage if possible?

“_root.thispage.textarea.onChange does not seem to work
what doesn’t work? the code after the onChange? how is the change triggered?

Thank you all. The problem is… I have over 25 input fields, seperated through 5 pages. When I submit, only inputs from _root. are submitted, not from any sub-pages.

Does anyone have a practical solution for this?

Set up a variable container frame in _root and send all the values to there before submission…?
What do you mean by “page”?
And what exactly are you trying 2 do?

assuming that each of your “pages” is in fact a movie clip, then the text fields in each of these movie clips needs to have the variable in it addressed back to _root. So, if for instance you have a field with a variable name “myFormField”, then in the text panel, it should be listed as “_root.myFormField”. In this way the variables are shot back to the root no matter where they are coming from.

you could create an object that contains all the information that you would like to send, then parse the variables stored in that object when sending that information back to the DB.

excellent suggestion sin, maybe look onto the LoadVars Object specifically.

actually i meant to create an object object…like so:
_global.obDbVars = new Object();
_global.obDbVars.sString = “hello”;
_global.obDbVars.nNumber = 100;
_global.obDbVars.aArray = [“hello”,“there”,“hi!”];

and just store all the DB variables in the object like that.

Well, Sinf and Supra, since you’re both here… Could you give us some more information about that loadVars Object ? Because I’ve been trying to make it work, and well, it wasn’t a full success.

pom 0]

LoadVars is an object that allows you to send and receive variables the same way you would with the XML object.
other than that i don’t really know how to set up the object or store information in it.
maybe supra can give us all a clue here?